Eclipse TD508 MK3 Speakers

Today’s speakers benefit from both advanced technology and great design. That is why there are now speakers that not only sound good but also actually look good. One good example of such speakers is the Eclipse TD508 MK3. The Eclipse TD508 MK3 Monitor Speakers may be unlike the usual speakers that you always see. It […]

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HeadsUp Wireless Gear Alert System

Backing up into the garage after a vacation trip can lead to many things. One thing that car owners try to avoid is trying to cause damage to the car. They sometimes forget that something stored on the car’s roof rack before heading in the garage. Result? Damaged remnants of an exciting vacation. Prevent such […]

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Flat Boombox Concept

Many speakers today may still be considered bulky and large. Even the most portable speakers out there have to sacrifice a bit of quality in order to just accommodate the convenience of being small and portable. But along with new speaker technology that allows slimmer and smaller profiles that can also give good quality audio, […]

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Philips Shoqbox Rugged Portable Speaker

Tough situations call for tough products. When it comes to portable speakers, this is not always the case especially for those who like to tough it out. It is a good thing that there’s the new Philips Shoqbox Rugged Portable Speakers that can well handle the job. The recent re-creation of the Philips Shoqbox has […]

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Carbon Audio Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar

Wireless speakers for portable devices have become quite common for the convenience that they offer. And with the limited range of audio that most mobile devices offer, having an additional speaker to connect to would really boost up the audio experience right off the bat. And if the speakers look just as good as the […]

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Play Angry Birds Touch-Free with Samsung Smart TV

With over 1 billion downloads across all available platforms, people do not seem to get tired of playing Angry Birds on any device. Now, Samsung wants you to try the iconic touch-based game to a whole new level. The South Korean company now offers Angry Birds on its Smart TV, which can be played by […]

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