Play Angry Birds Touch-Free with Samsung Smart TV

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With over 1 billion downloads across all available platforms, people do not seem to get tired of playing Angry Birds on any device. Now, Samsung wants you to try the iconic touch-based game to a whole new level.

The South Korean company now offers Angry Birds on its Smart TV, which can be played by mere gestures. Yes, no need to hold a motion control wand or touch the screen itself.

You can say that Samsung’s Smart TVs are channeling Xbox Kinect, but playing games with the Smart TV is an enhancement of the device’s gesture command capability. You can pull your hand just like how you would prepare the game’s slingshot, for instance. You can also utilize gestures to activate the birds’ powers.

This is not the first time that Angry Birds has been played on the big screen. Roku’s second line of media streamers also offer motion-controlled Angry Birds, although you need the remote as the controller. Meanwhile, the trial version of the app comes pre-installed into the Samsung Smart TV, which starts at around $ 3,000. You need to shell out another dollar for the full version of Angry Birds.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow, via TechCrunch
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