EcoXGear EcoXBT Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers have somewhat become more common now that there are more Bluetooth devices around. It offers users a means to use wireless speakers with their Bluetooth devices wherever they go, except somewhere wet, that is, like a pool or the beach. But EcoXGear aims to change all that with its new EcoXBT Waterproof Bluetooth […]

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Russound AirGo Wireless Outdoor Speaker

It seems that people having fun outside would no longer want to bother with having to set up complex sound systems around the home for an outdoor party or get together. Some would prefer just getting the party started right away, have fun and enjoy. For such people, having the Russound AirGo Wireless Outdoor Speaker […]

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TDK Wireless Charging Speaker

When it comes to speakers, people usually have good quality sound to think off when choosing the best ones. But with the advent of mobile devices becoming the main music player for most people, some of the preferences may tend to change. Now, people may consider wireless features as a big part of choosing a […]

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