Carbon Audio Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar

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Wireless speakers for portable devices have become quite common for the convenience that they offer. And with the limited range of audio that most mobile devices offer, having an additional speaker to connect to would really boost up the audio experience right off the bat. And if the speakers look just as good as the new Carbon Audio Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar, then things would even be better.

The Carbon Audio Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar is primarily designed for use with the popular Apple iOS devices. As an accessory, this speaker bar slides-on to the iPad, iPhone or even a MacBook to conveniently add a speaker to your iOS device with some wireless convenience. Each speaker bar also comes with a removable kickstand that also makes it function as an iPad stand to position the tablet upright.

As a speaker, the Carbon Audio Zooka connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to an iOS device or any Bluetooth enabled mobile device for that matter. The extraordinary sound output gives users that concert hall experience and enhance the sound when watching movies or playing games. It can even work up to 30 feet apart from the source device. A built-in microphone also makes it an ideal speakerphone. The Carbon Audio Zooka Wireless Speaker Bar is expected to come out sometime in August at a price point of somewhere around US$ 100.

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