Eclipse TD508 MK3 Speakers

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Today’s speakers benefit from both advanced technology and great design. That is why there are now speakers that not only sound good but also actually look good. One good example of such speakers is the Eclipse TD508 MK3.

The Eclipse TD508 MK3 Monitor Speakers may be unlike the usual speakers that you always see. It comes with an egg-shaped design in a compact speaker housing that gives it a unique look. But inside, the speakers come with advanced speaker technology that gives it the power of a full-range speaker system despite its size.

The Eclipse TD508 MK3 Speakers come with an 8cm diameter full range fiberglass speaker unit. It features the unique Time Domain technology to provide audio output fitting of capturing a live performance. The egg shaped design allows the speaker to provide robust sound while eliminating the transmission of unwanted vibration that usually comes out as static noises from the speaker. What you get is full, pure sound provided at the optimum level without the unnecessary distortion. The Eclipse TD508 MK3 Speakers is available at Eclipse and can be bought at around 480 UK Pounds per unit. That is around US$ 746.

Image Source: Eclipse
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