Flat Boombox Concept

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Many speakers today may still be considered bulky and large. Even the most portable speakers out there have to sacrifice a bit of quality in order to just accommodate the convenience of being small and portable. But along with new speaker technology that allows slimmer and smaller profiles that can also give good quality audio, this Flat Boombox Concept might someday be the norm.

The Flat Boombox Concept was designed by Hannes Harms, who is taking up his Masters at the Royal College of Art. He has designed a small, flat speaker that will rely on future technology that makes use of flat electrical components unlike most of the speakers available today. It is basically made out of flat stainless steel etched with small holes. It is expected to be shipped as a flat piece, requiring some assembly by the eventual user by putting in the flat speaker and bending the metal on the pre-scored lines. This flat boombox concept will enable manufacturers to easily ship the speakers, reducing transportation costs considerably. Even though the Flat Boombox Concept remains a concept for now, it would surely gain quite an interest once the components to make its manufacture possible eventually pushes through.

Image Source: Designboom
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