Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker

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Some people with smartphones also usually look for some accessories that go well with them. Apart from those that just provide aesthetic value to their device, some people would usually prefer something with some functional value. Accessories such as this Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker usually come to mind with function is a top requirement.

The Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker is designed for smartphone and other portable gadget users with the means to boost up the audio volume levels for their device. Bluetooth connectivity allows for some wireless convenience when it comes to using the Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker. It comes with powered 3W speakers that can more than provide some added boost to the audio output of your Bluetooth compatible devices.

An hour’s charge of the wireless speaker can be good enough to provide an 8 hour’s worth of use. An attractive design also makes the Boombotix Bluetooth Street Speaker a good speaker to bring around since it can easily be clipped into a bag or fitted into a bike’s handlebar when needed. This unique looking portable wireless speaker is available at Firebox for 50 UK Pounds or around US$ 79.

Image Source: Firebox
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